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When shopping for low price medical insurance the main thing to be aware of in Spain is that with medical insurance you get what you pay for.


In the insurance world looking at the more affordable network policy there are 3 medical insurance companies who have a category 1 rating for the highest level of cover.


They are DKV, Sanitas & AXA all three provide the least exclusions and virtually no limitations on treatment cost.

When you compare an insurance policy you need to compare like for like and these three have virtually similar levels of cover and normally similar prices. You must choose one of these to get the best policy available in Spain for network insurance.


There are many lower cost options in Spain for a network insurance and you may not be aware that 67% of them offer no cancer screening or cover. Consider that 48% of Spanish medical insurers will show a clause stating that transplant surgery is included and people accept this believing in the event they need any sort of transplant, be it organ or even skin graft, that it is completely  covered. Well yes the surgery is covered but the actual donor tissue or organ is in the small print as not covered and the customer then has to pay for it.


Then there are many insurers in the mid range policies who simply add in far too many restrictions. Clauses that state you can have 36 physios in a year . Yet if you have a serious accident and need long term physical rehabilitation you may need physio 2 or 3 times a week for many many months or maybe a year. Again be awre that a mid level network insurer will have a smaller network and usually control who you see, when you need a specialist picking one out for you as opposed to letting you choose from a list. They will insist you always see a general doctor first and get a referral to see a specialist and send you on a very long journey to find one.


These are just some of the many examples


With a category 1 insurer  there will be no limit on treatment cost, the policy provides all treatment necessary until rehabilitated.

DKV  have the largest network of medical facilities across Spain and without any permission needed, you can choose from a list and book a Specialist direct. Also if you are not happy with a Doctor or a Specialist with the DKV policy you can book a second opinion and again no permission needed.


The DKV Professional Integral Policy is the insurance for people who simply need a policy that gives the highest possible level of care.


So yes there are many cheaper options but the fact is you are not getting the best level of cover.

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions are the no.1 exclusive agent for DKV Seguros. Please contact us for more details 

tel: 956 777 905 

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