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We are very happy to arrange your insurance but will also continue to help and assist you.

At Tailor Made Healthcare Spain after selling an Insurance Policy we continue to be available to assist and support you.

We remain at hand to respond to phone calls and emails. No query or question is too small because our aim is to assist all our customers to understand how the policy operates and how to get the best from the cover you have arranged.

From the early stages of the policy you can avoid the need to use call centres. Simply call or email us at Tailor Made and we will answer your questions and confirm the steps you need to take by email  in writing. 

The benefits of using an English agency for Spanish medical insurance are key for those who perhaps have not yet mastered speaking Spanish. An agency will know the policy they are selling thoroughly, an agency will have direct contact with their area office or head office, an agency will know how to shortcut procedures particularly when urgent.

Every year we speak to a multitude of people who were bullied by a Spanish bank into taking out a Spanish policy through the bank. Yet when you go back to the bank and ask what exactly is covered and how to 

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