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Most of us applying for a Spanish visa will look for a low cost medical policy.

However low cost equates to lower cover.

Spanish Insurers offer some of the lowest cost private healthcare policies in Europe.

Be aware that 67% of medical insurers under their GENERAL terms & conditions exclude cover for serious illness such as cancer and renal issues and many of these policies will not tick all the boxes for Visa approval.

Whilst getting the Spanish visa is priority, the internet is littered with Expats in Spain who went cheap on a medical policy then slate the Insurer when they do suffer a serious illness and the policy falls far short of the cover they thought it offered.

READ THE EXCLUSION pages in the policy t&c's .

You will soon see the more the policy costs the less exclusion pages there will be.

Most taking a policy for visa will opt for the NETWORK type medical insurance policy.

The better NETWORK insurers with the better levels of medical cover will have larger medical networks and offer you the choice of doctors.

The better Network Insurers will have the option to get treated with more advanced medical technology and particularly for serious illness.

So yes you can save 200€ to 300€ a year but often at the price of your health as none of us are getting any younger and inevitably we all will need the best possible medical care we can get.

If you are interested in talking through the advantages of a private medical policy or perhaps voicing any concerns you may have about healthcare and moving to Spain then give us a call.

Maybe check out the GOOGLE REVIEWS for Tailor Made Healthcare Spain first.

Francis Payne

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain.

tel. (+34) 956 777 905

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