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Moving to Spain and want the freedom to research and choose any doctor or specialist doctor ?

A worldwide medical policy maybe the answer.

A worldwide medical insurance normally offers you the freedom to choose a doctor anywhere you happen to be. This type of policy normally requires the insured to pay the cost of the treatment and recover all the costs or a large percentage of the costs by submitting the medical report, medical results and the invoice to the insurer.

However just be aware that most worldwide medical policies will have terms and conditions that to qualify for the insurance you must be residing in the country where you took out the policy for a fixed amount of time. The time frame will normally be over 6 months.

I meet many people who tell me they live in Spain now but continue with a BUPA or AXA PPP worldwide medical policy. I suggest to them that they email the insurer and tell them they are registered as a resident or visa approved resident of Spain. The BUPA UK or AXA UK office normally respond to say that they cannot continue their cover on that basis.

The Spanish freedom to choose policy means that in the event of a serious illness diagnosis you can do your homework and research a particular doctor or hospital with world class facilities to treat that particular illness.

The DKV Seguros Mundisalud medical policy or the DKV Seguros Top Health policy are examples of high level medical coverage that provides choice. However with these policies you can still opt to use the DKV National Spanish medical network and the benefit of not having to pay upfront.

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