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DKV MEDICAL INSURANCE arranging Authorizations for Treatments.


Quite easy to do by email - If you are using a DKV network Doctor who tells you that a treatment needs a DKV approval then you need to follow these easy steps to get an Authorization.

  1. Email -

  2. Enter email subject line - Full name of who is being treated & the policy number

  3. You can write in English

  4. Enter in the email the date and location the treatment has been booked.

  5. Enter the DOCTORS name.

  6. Attach the doctors medical report.

  7. Attach the Doctors treatment prescription ticket.(take this to appointment)


You will receive an AUTOMATED EMAIL REPLY from DKV this will have a Unique Reference CRM code. Which you can use to follow up or chase the authorization.

DKV occasionally ask for more information from the doctor and if they do need more detail then they will send you a form for the doctor to fill in and return.

IF this happens take it or email it to the clinic/hospital reception who will arrange for its completion.

When you receive any communication or the AUTHORIZATION from DKV you will need to use your NiE number or passport to open it. IF you have changed your passport you may have to look up your old passport number to open the document.

FOR TAILOR MADE HEALTHCARE customers we suggest that our clients copy us in on the authorization request. By sending us a CC of the email we can check it to make sure all is correct and we can also follow it up or chase it if delayed.

Anyone reading this who needs any help or guidance with using a DKV Policy or product can contact us with your questions.

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