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Dental Plan Policy Spain - Low cost Dentist

Are you living in Spain and in need of a dentist ? 

Are you aware you need high cost dental treatment ?

Use one of the affiliated network Dentists across Spain and we will save you money 

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions are pleased to announce that the Dentisalud Dental Plan is on Special offer until the end of June 2018.

Pay just  106,08€ for 12 months cover  and if you have children under 14 years of age add them on the policy for FREE yes FREE.

The Dentisalud Policy means you can receive treatment from any of the  DKV affiliated Dentists across Spain even if you know you need expensive dental work.

A client called in last week to say they had been quoted 778,00€ for a root canal and crown from her local Dentist. With the Dentisalud Policy that price came down to 349€

Another client who had added her 13 year old Daughter on for FREE  had been quoted 3.900,00€ for Retainers and Braces over a period of 2 to 3 years. The client took out a Dentisalud policy and  the affiliated DKV Dentist confirmed a cost of 2.000,00€

Whilst the expensive work is Discounted there are 48 treatments where there will be nothing to pay and these include check-ups, xrays, fillings, extractions, clean & polish etc. 

There is no declaration to make. So even if you know you need urgent treatment simply call us arrange the policy (it takes 24 hours) and attend the next day. The DKV Dentist will give you the check-up and an Xray and then will quote you for the Dentistry You are in urgent need of.

Its as simple as that. You can contact us by phone or email (see below) or Click on this QUOTE CONFIRMATION LINK

Francis Payne 

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain

Call us on (0034) 956 777 905   

or email us

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