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Your not getting any younger start regular checks

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain


Reminding our Private Health Insurance customers to get their health checks done regularly.

Our clients can bypass the GP and book a Specialist direct and no permission needed.


So if your living in Spain and have our DKV policy all preventative checks and testing are included. Why not ring the Cardiologist and book yourself in for a heart test or contact your nearest Private Doctor and arrange blood & urine tests. Suspicious looking lumps, bumps moles with this policy contact the dermatologist direct and book yourself in. We should all be looking to detect health issues early.


You never have to worry about understanding the policy or dealing with a Spanish insurer because you have an English agency who actually do help you through all the systems and processes for the life of the policy.

If your not happy with a diagnosis or did not like the Doctor / Specialist then simply contact another and get a second opinion, no permission needed.



With the DKV Integral policy to arrange a consultation with a doctor or a specialist you simply book and attend with your medical card, Its as easy as that and you never have to pay any money up front the Insurer settles your costs direct with the medical facility.



If you would like more information on our comprehensive medical insurance cover for Spain then call

Andy or Francis

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions

tel: 956 777 905 our office is open Monday to Friday 1030am to 1630pm or click on learn more below to go to our web page.


Check out our customer reviews for

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain on google reviews.

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