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Spain and healthcare - Are you confused

Updated: Feb 9


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The biggest and most common issue for foreigners in Spain when taking out a medical insurance is understanding the policy and what it actually offers.

Many of you have arranged your medical insurance online direct with the insurance company having been told they offer English speakers in their call centre´s and all departments. Some of you have taken your private healthcare policy through your bank after being told they are on hand to assist you if you ever have any questions.

Well let`s face it we all have an aversion to call centres, from the ongoing call queues, to the annoying music and then speaking to a person who does not quite get it. All very frustrating and you often come away without crucial detail that should have been included in the explanation.

I recall many years ago when moving to Spain my Spanish bank insisted on selling me a home insurance offering building and contents cover.

I was told that by taking the policy out through the bank I would receive their help and assistance and also have their back up if I had any issues with the insurer. I returned 2 years later to ask why I had been refused a claims settlement for flood damage. The same bank official who sold me the policy just shrugged went to her desk shoved a telephone number in my hand then looked up and said to the person behind me ¨next¨. The number she gave me I already had it was for the customer services.

So if these scenarios are familiar to you we would like to suggest you consider the following strategy for arranging any Insurance in Spain.

If you have a direct arranged policy and struggling with it then look to change policy and shop around for any medical insurer but find an agent who will quote you and set it up. Start the process 2 months before renewal as you will need to give 1 months notice before the end of the insurance policies expiry date.

Request a price from an agent directly representing the insurer. Preferably an exclusive agent who speaks your language and offers from the outset help and ongoing support. An agent who is there for you beyond the selling of the insurance.

The insurers own agents will have a very good understanding of the policy and will also have their own inhouse contacts within the insurance company. This way by dealing with the agent you can bypass the dreaded call centre. Every Insurer has agents across Spain and a quick internet search will find you a few to approach. Check the agent out and see if there are reviews online for the agency. Obtain a quote and ask questions. That way you can establish the level of professionalism shown by the agent and the willingness to assist. What we really want to see are easy to understand explanations and a prompt response time.

A good agent will be there at the end of the phone or quick to reply to any questions and will also know a few shortcuts to achieving what you want from the policy. The agent that offers you good support will also have a vested interest in your renewing the insurance and therefore if you do get a problem with the insurer they will fight your corner.

Also be aware that in Spain when it comes to any insurance you get what you pay for. The cost of insurance calculated against the statistics is an accurate science these days and an insurer will decide where they want to place their product and who they will target. The more expensive the insurance the better the cover.

There are three Insurers in Spain who receive a category 1. rating for the network style of medical insurance and when you choose one of these you will get a better cover for a slightly higher premium. Some insurers sell their product based on price and will reduce the cover and add in more exclusions. 

Tell the agent for the insurer you have had a price for that you have been quoted lower cost policies. See what the response is, they should be able to offer a comparable of cover between the insurance companies or point out where the cheaper policy falls short of the policy they have offered you. Did you know that 67% of Spanish medical insurers do not offer Cancer checks or treatment?

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions offer all customers ongoing support and provide written step by step HOW TO emails.

Do not take our word for it go to a Google page and search Tailor Made Healthcare Spain then click on our GOOGL REVIEWS to see what many of our customers are saying.

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain 

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