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Updated: Feb 9


Arrange your policy through an English agency that provides ongoing help and support.

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain offer an old fashioned personal service in ENGLISH.


The benefit of using Tailor Made Healthcare , the DKV Insurance Companies Agent.

1. English agency for Spanish medical insurance who also speak Spanish.

2. Personal Service and support for as long as you have a policy with us.

3. Avoid phoning call-centre and for day to day questions call Andy or Francis.

4. Email us your query in the morning and we will normally answer very quickly.

5. Phone us for help we explain things and then follow up with email confirmation.

6. Query beyond us (there will not be many) we have access to the Company head office.

7. In DKV´s top 10 Agencies for SPAIN. Awarded on 5 occasions DKV Agencia de Excelencia status awarded to top 20.

8. Our DKV Agencia de Excelencia gives us considerable voice at head office.

9. We provide English versions of most documents including the policy.

10. Visa Residency - In the last 3 years used DKV policies to assist over 1500 customers

11. No extra cost via an agent - same price as direct with insurer (no fee needed)

Andy & Francis are here to help.

If you have requested a quote from us please take time to consider the amount of detail in our follow on emails after the quotation. These are informative emails aimed at helping you understand the policy and the comprehensive cover provided.

The follow on emails also explain everything from sourcing doctors, seeing specialists

and even clarity on a cancellation of a policy.

The fact is that many British who do not speak Spanish take a policy and do not know what cover they have or how to use the policy, particularly if they arranged direct with the insurer, a bank or via a brokerage who provides no support and has no real relationship within the Insurance Company.

Tailor Made Healthcare want you to understand the policy before you apply and then continue to guide and assist you once you have the policy.

We actively encourage customers to take all the preventative screening and testing available to you from day 1 of the policy.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

We also offer:

Home Insurance - Buildings Contents

Extended Dental Insurance,

Income Protection,

Critical Illness Insurance,

Life Cover,

Funeral Insurance with Repatriation option,

Private Medical Insurance Spain only,

Private Medical Insurance Worldwide cover.

Private Medical Insurance Freedom to choose any Doctor anywhere you happen to be.

World Travel Insurance for people registered as resident in Spain travelling outside of Spain.

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