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Brexit & Covid19 - care for damaged organs

Tailor Made Healthcare communication to prospective clients regarding immediate medical protection.

I am writing to you because you have been in contact with us about medical care insurance.

The Spanish public health service is overwhelmed and has cancelled virtually all none urgent treatments and appointments. The 2019 national average waiting time for non urgent operations in Spain is 8 months. You get a date after seeing Doctor, referred to Specialist, wait for scans andrebook specialist, then finally you get to book the surgery.

For many these none urgent operations and treatments are important for quality of life and when things eventually return to some sort of normality the same people will once again face a long wait, likely to be much longer than last year.


Whilst the word ´Brexit¨ has temporarily fallen into small significance many British have yet to arrange their residency and perhaps have decided to wait for their local Police stations that closed down for the Covid19 crisis to eventually re-open and  only at that point will they then take out the obligatory private health policy.

So please consider this and let me know if you think it is a good move;

You know you need a policy for residency this is inevitable and  we are all worried about Covid19 so maybe today is the time to act .

Read this article to see what the virus will do to organs and think about the long term affects and treatments that maybe needed for those who have had a serious attack and ended up in hospital.

This article by the National Geographic with facts from Wuhan China explains how the Corona virus attacks the organs, not just lungs and makes it very clear of damage it can cause internally that for many will necessitate long term ongoing medical care.

Click link - 

So you need the insurance for residency so perhaps with  heightened risk of the virus, taking out insurance today is smart thing to do.

Do not wait for a residency appointment, you know you have to have a policy so get protected today ensuring you can get fast easy access to medical treatment in the future.

It is no good trying to get a medical insurance after you are ill as you know all insurance companies exclude pre-existing conditions and if you suffer serious organ damage there is the risk that you will not get insurance at all.

Even when we are back on the streets hopefully in the not too distant future, this virus will remain a threat and until a vaccine / antivirus has been established we should all look for the best possible medical options for our families and the future.

So the message is if you need it for Brexit get it now do not wait to arrange medical insurance.

Please take the time to share this with friends or family and pass the National geographic article link to them as we should all be aware of the potential after affects from Covid19.


Francis Payne

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain

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