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Private Expat Health Insurance - Insurance for Spain through English Agents

Private health SPAIN


We are an agency that provides our clients with ongoing support. We offer a very personal service beyond the point of sale.

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain are the English Agents for Spanish Medical Insurance. Whilst we provide clients who register with us with regular updates we are not a hard sales agency as we are hoping to build long term relations with our customers and to assist through the life of the policy.

At any time you can email us and request us to archive your data

Insurance for NLV Visa


Once you receive your quotation we look forward to receiving your emails or phone calls with any questions you have. Insurance can often seem confusing, a brief informal chat helps to clarify any confusion. When we suggest a chat we make it clear we do not cold call instead if you would like a phone call we invite you to suggest a date and time at your convenience.

Tailor Made Healthcare

Solutions Insurance Agency

tel. +34 956 777 905

Family medical care DKV


Your enquiry form is received and we are preparing your quotation and brochures. The information should be with you very soon. We send you an English Version brochure and we have English versions of t&c's as well. However the actual policy is in Spanish.

Quotations are normally valid for 21 days although prices normally hold for much longer periods unless you have been quoted a promotional discount.

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