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The most basic DKV policy offers fast access to a Specialist Doctor

Updated: Feb 9

Living in Spain and getting fast medical attention when you need it.

Many of us have all been there before where the Doctor indicates that he is unhappy about an analysis or maybe something unusual in a Scan.

The stress of being told you have to see a Specialist and then finding out your appointment is in 3 months time. Well in Spain the wait is now often 6 months in addition to the 2 or 3 months it has taken from GP to scan results or analysis results. I am sure that like most of us the reaction to facing a further long delay is that you need to embark on a quicker solution. So you see the Specialist who suddenly fast tracks you for further tests if you want to continue privately. 

Suddenly the cost is mounting with each stage put in front of you,  but you press on because if this is found to be serious then the time saved may prove  precious. The invoices mount up and in no time at all you are at 8.000,00€ and still 3 months away from your State Health first appointment.

Fast access to a Specialist can often prove life saving as a suspicious lump found to be cancerous can develop rapidly in 2 months.

The DKV Integral medical Insurance policy with the highest voluntary excess to reduce cost (excess known as copago in Spain) means that when you are in need of a Specialist you can simply look one up in the DKV network search in towns near you and then phone and book yourself in.

You need to see a Gynecologist then with the DKV policy do not delay phone today and if that one cannot see you quickly enough then dial a few more and find one that can. If you want to get a heart check up then the DKV lowest cost policy the Integral Complet means that you can have a very thorough heart check inclusive of an ECG monitor often within a week. I reiterate that there is no need to get a referral or seek the insurance companies permission. You look up the contact information and dial direct and book a consultation.

Say you were not happy with the consultation perhaps you phoned around to find an English speaking Gynecologist yet when you went you did not really understand what the doctor had said.

The DKV Integral policy then permits you to look up an alternative doctor and book yourself a second opinion.

The best news of all is that the lowest cost medical policy with DKV provides an insurance with no cost limits on treatment and taking out the policy when you are well means that everything that arises from the date that you take out cover is insured. What beeter peace of mind can there be than knowing you have a very rapid option available when you migh most need it. 

The Integral Complet policy can be bough for less than the price of many people´s annual holiday. Click this link to see a summary of the medical insurance

mentioned." target="_blank"> LINK TO SEE THE  INTERGAL POLICY SUMMARY

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