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Tailor Made Healthcare Spain your English agency for Spanish medical insurance.

Tailor Made Healthcare are an English agency for Spanish insurance products.

Every year our agency sells many private health insurance policies and we have a vast experience with every possible scenario when it comes to a medical policy for a visa, NLV visa, Golden Visa, DNV visa, and theTiE residency.

Over the years we have issued many hundreds of medical policies for Expats living in Spain or those intending to move to Spain. We have also provided policies for those who simply plan to follow the none resident path of 90 days in each 180 days.

Other products we sell beyond private medical insurance include:


Funeral Insurance

Life Policies

Personal Accident Insurance

Critical illness insurance

Income Protection policies

Repatriation Insurance

Buildings Insurance for private residential dwellings (Home owners or second homes)

Contents insurance (residential)

There are great advantages of using an agency like ours to manage your policy needs. Even more so if your Spanish language is not great. We provide a good old fashioned personal service. Our clients do not really use the Insurance Company call centre because they prefer to phone or email us with all questions or simply for guidance.

Arranging a policy via an Agency does not cost anymore than arranging it direct with the insurer.

We are a long established business in Spain.

Why not take a peak at our customer reviews search in our Google Profile.

Please feel free to email us or if you prefer phone our office on +34 956 777 905.

We look forward to being of assistance.


Francis Payne - Tailor Made Healthcare Spain.

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