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EXPATS SPAIN : Two Brits working in corporate Spain.

English Expats to Spanish Insurance Entrepreneurs:

The two Brits overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success


In this captivating story, we follow the journey of two English individuals who ventured into the Spanish corporate world and establish themselves as successful insurance entrepreneurs. Through determination, resilience, and adaptability, they overcame numerous obstacles, ultimately becoming the only English people to be granted a commercial office status for the Insurer they represent DKV Seguros Spain.

A Bold Move to Spain

Our story begins with Francis and Andy , two ambitious individuals seeking new opportunities in Spain. Leaving behind their comfortable lives in England, they embraced the challenge of starting afresh in a foreign land. After a number of years in Spain, efforts to manage UK staff remotely proved tricky and life changing decisions were made that led to embarking on a fresh new business in Spain.

With a shared passion for sales and customer service, they set out to establish their own business in the Spanish Expat Insurance market.

Cultural and Corporate Challenges

As they delved into the Spanish corporate world, Francis and Andy encountered a range of cultural and corporate challenges. Language barriers, unfamiliar business practices, and differences in work-life balance presented significant obstacles. However, their determination and eagerness

to learn helped them navigate these hurdles, gradually gaining the respect and trust of their Spanish counterparts from the local area offices to HQ in Tarragona.

Building a Solid Foundation

Francis and Andy understood the importance of building relationships and credibility within the insurance industry. They actively networked, attended industry events, and engaged with local business communities along with every opportunity to attend all the Companies in-house gatherings. By demonstrating their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, they began securing their first clients, laying the foundation for their future success and the Google customer reviews began to roll in.

Overcoming Industry Resistance

Entering a competitive market, Francis and Andy faced resistance to crossing borders and working across Spanish Provinces in a very bureaucratic corporate system where regional boundaries were once an inherited right of ownership. It took some convincing to change corporate attitudes to see that the digital world and the worldwide web were key to trading in an open market. To do this Francis & Andy would need to be trade under an alternative banner in other provinces and hence they adopted the Tailor Made Healthcare Spain identity.

The ability to open up the market place was key, focusing on their unique selling points and offering tailored solutions to their clients.

Through innovative marketing strategies and exceptional customer service, they gradually gained recognition, chipping away at the skepticism that initially surrounded their business.

Achieving Commercial Office Status

After several years of dedication and perseverance, Francis and Andy achieved a significant milestone. Within 2 years they had achieved recognition as one of the top DKV Seguros Agents in Spain and awarded over the next 4 years the creditation of ¨ Agencia de Excelencia ¨ an accolade given by DKV Seguros to the top 20 Agencies in the country. They were further recognized when they became the first and only English people to be granted commercial office status for DKV Seguros in Spain. This recognition not only solidified their position within the market but also symbolized their triumph of their move to Spain.


Francis & Andy´s inspiring journey from English expats to successful insurance entrepreneurs in Spain serves as a testament to the power of determination, adaptability, and perseverance and is proof to other expats looking to move to Spain that commercially integration is an option that more Expats should look into and embrace.

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