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Advice on visa & residency for Spain


For residency the main concern is avoiding a policy that fails to meet the residency criteria, we meet many people who commit to a policy and present it to the authorities, only to have it rejected. Why do people get it so wrong - From our experience the most common reason is because they believed it was just about not having copago to pay (copago is a policy excess). This is only partly correct but not the complete requirement.

Of the 9 levels of DKV private health insurance that will get you residency the Professional Integral Elite policy is the most affordable option that complies with Spanish residencia requirements. If you are interested in a medical insurance suitable for residency then the DKV policy we offer is one that provides all the required parts that qualify it for the residency application:

1. Medical network across all of Spain

2. Primary care

3. Specialists

4. Hospitalization

5. No copago (no policy excess)

6. Treatment with no cost limitation

7. Annually Contracted & Annually renewable (does not necessarily mean you must pay it all upfront)

We also provide the required Carta de garantia a document available within minutes of the policy going live. Once you have established the policy will suit your needs we can arrange for you to complete an application over the phone or online, and a policy can be arranged and ready  within 24 hours where no pre-existing conditions are declared. 

At Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions, week in week out we are providing insurances and assisting people who need a policy for residency / visa.

Over the years we have heard and dealt with every possible issue or problem that does or can arise in the majority of locations across Spain.

We are aware from our daily dialogue that many people are misled or given bad information that contradicts the factual details we know to be correct, information we have based on our long standing experience in most Provinces of Spain and particularly along all the Spanish Costas, as wellas  the Baleares and the Canary Islands.

If you are reading this article then it is likely that you need a policy that complies with all the given parts, however it is just as important that having paid for a private health insurance that the policy does what it is supposed to do and provide great medical care and we know very well that the DKV Professional Integral Elite insurance is one that promises to provide treatment until rehabilitated with no cap on cost or sessions.

Francis Payne

Tailor Made Helathcare Solutions Spain


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