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No.1 reason people prefer our medical insurance is because you get

Medical Insurance treatment with NO limit on cost

Yes ! no limits on cost or session, this means you will receive treatment until rehabilitated - unlimited treatment costs.

You also receive aftersales care and support from us at

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain the English Agency in Spain for Spanish private health insurance.

Competitive Insurance - Comprehensive Cover

The cost of Private Health Insurance is calculated on age and your location in Spain. With our insurance there is no increase in premium for heavy use of the Policy or if you have declared  and been accepted with a Pre-Existing medical condition.

With the Integral Insurance you will never be asked for an upfront payment  and there is no claims process, you simply hand over your medical card and receive treatment.  The Insurer will settle the medical expenses direct with the Doctor, Specialist, Hospital or Medical Clinic.  With the Integral medical policy if you are not happy with the Doctor you can arrange a 2nd opinion or even a 3rd opinion and no need to ask for permission. You can also bypass the GP and reserve a consultation directly with a Specialist and again no permission necessary. 

The Integral Elite Policy (Meets residency or visa requirements for Spain) Insurance is our best seller and recommended for  Visa or Residency applications in Spain. Each month we assist many customers in every Spanish Province towards obtaing residency or visa approval. We are aware of the confusion there is over residency and healthcare and from our extensive experience dealing with many hundreds of scenarios we know what is needed to avoid the pitfalls.

The Mundisalud Policy provides worldwide cover and freedom of choice to use any Doctor or Specialist of your choice. The freedom to choose good medical care wherever you maybe in the world.

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions in Spain are the English agency for Spanish Private Medical Insurance.

Our Agency No.1 Customer Service 



Emergency number 112 is overwhelmed

Contact with symptoms tel: 900 400 061

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions are here to assist you after we sell you the policy.
So often we speak to people who have taken out an insurance and who simply do not understand what they have purchased and how it works. Yes it is complicated to understand a policy and here lies the benefit of arranging the insurance through a good agent. Until you are experienced in the processes involved Tailor Made are here to help, whether its giving notice to terminate, applying for an authorization, righting a wrong or sourcing a treatment.

As an agency we are here to assist our customers and provide the necessary guidance to help you choose the Healthcare option to match your lifestyle. If you are moving to Spain it makes sense to arrange your Spanish Healthcare in advance of your arrival, so when you arrive you will receive all the medical services provided under the policy immediately. 
We can  process your application and setup your medical policy online or by phone .
Our agency gives all our policyholders on-going assistance and support beyond the point of sale. We pride ourselves on providing a personal friendly service.  Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions  are a Premium Agency for DKV Seguros and have been  honoured by DKV Seguros  as a full member of the Insurance companies elite agents known as a CLUB EXCELENCIA AGENT

DKV Seguros are rated No.1 for their comprehensive policy cover and are Spain's leading Medical Insurer, a part of the Worldwide Insurance giant Munich Re Insurance Group

We offer Comprehensive Private Health Insurance Coverage for Spain & Abroad  (+34) 956 777 905