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Spanish Health Insurance Worldwide cover


This medical insurance is on special 4 year discount offer in 

10 Provinces across Spain expires - 31st October 2018

25% off for rest of 2018 - 15% off 2019 - 10% off 2020 - 5% off 2021

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain can diary a notification to re-quote you when special offers on Health Insurance are announced. 

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The Worldwide Medical Insurance by DKV affordable comprehensive cover with great flexibility

With this Spanish Medical Insurance  Policy you can receive medical attention at your convenience and with the freedom to choose the Doctor , Specialist, Medical Centre or Hospital anywhere in Spain or Worldwide. Includes some cover for Homeopathy treatments acupuncture,

The ideal private health insurance policy for those who have homes in more than one country and a policy that is substantially cheaper in price than any equivalent private medical insurance in the UK.

We challenge you to compare our Private Healthcare plans against BUPA , AXA PPP or any other UK Health Policy.

Avoid any offers in the UK transferring your existing cover to Spain this always proves far more expensive.

TOP HEALTH INSURANCE - World Best Healthcare

Top Health Medical Insurance a Policy developed by DKV to knock spots off the best international plans offered by the competition. This upmarket plan is proving popular for people who come to Spain part time and perhaps have a residency offshore.
Recently two clients with Residency in Dubai cancelled their BUPA Gold insurance , arranged DKV Top Health Insurance and saved 20% in cost, they then attended their residency renewal meeting in Dubai UAE and produced the Top Health Policy. They discovered that because DKV are managers of the UAE state Healthcare the policy was fully accepted and they were then able to cancel the additional local medical insurance that the authorities had insisted on previously.

TOP HEALTH POLICY  Worldwide Cover and the ultimate health insurance package designed by DKV to be the best policy in the world - no excess - 100% medical costs reimbursed - 80% dental costs
American network of hospitals where you will not have to pay upfront medical fees.

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