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British Amabassador to Spain recently posted

The Withdrawal Agreement

The Withdrawal Agreement sets out the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and provides for a deal on citizens’ rights.

It sets out a transition period which lasts until 31 December 2020. During this time you can continue to live, work and study in the EU broadly as you did before 31 January 2020.


If you are resident in Spain at the end of the transition period, you will be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement, and your rights will be protected for as long as you remain resident in Spain.


Any rights that are not covered by the Withdrawal Agreement will be the subject of future negotiations.


In the meantime, make sure you are registered as a resident in Spain.


Residency and Healthcare

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions have dealt with every scenario possible across all Provinces of Spain responding to individual requests where the requirements may some times differ between Provinces and Police stations, you name it we have heard it all. 

Make sure your medical insurance suitable for residency the DKV policy we can  offer is the one that provides all the required parts that qualify it for the residency application as follows:


1. Medical network across all of Spain

2. Primary care

3. Specialists

4. Hospitalization

5. No copago (no policy excess)

6. Treatment with no cost limitation

7. Contractually renewable and  Annually renewable (you can still pay monthly in majority of Provinces)

8. Recommended: we provide carta de garantia from the Insurer summarizing the relevant requirements

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