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Private Medical Insurance Spain or Worldwide

Family Healthcare Spain


Our Spain only Health Insurance policy provides a choice of 1800 Private Hospitals, Medical Centres, Doctors & Specialists across Spain. The most comprehensive in Spain. This insurance provides superior continuous care no matter what the cost. No other Insurer makes this claim. A policy that includes preventative screening, cancer screening and all the usual well-man & well-woman checks and tests.

Includes Dental Cover as well as accident & emergency cover when travelling outside of Spain. With this policy if your not happy with a Doctor or Consultant then simply book a second or third opinion. When you request a quote you will be sent 4 different price options to choose from. The Elite option of this insurance is recommended for Residency applications in Spain.

Interested about Residency Spain then click here to see our Article 

The Integral Elite policy with no Copago

is our most popular insurance.


Worldwide medical insurance Policy


The Mundisalud Medical Insurance offers freedom to choose. Under this policy you will be able to use the 1800 Private Medical Centres, Hospitals, Doctors & Specialists and the Insurance Company will pay 100% of the cost.  Using the network you will have No upfront costs, no excess (copago) and no reimbursement claims. However this policy gives you the freedom to use any Doctor or Clinic in Spain outside the network and apply for reimbursement. You can also travel anywhere in the World obtain treatment & reclaim 80% or 90% of the cost depending on the Policy option you choose to take out.

You do not have to reside in Spain to take out this policy. If you have a holiday home in Spain and only come for limited time you can take up this Insurance. Many British clients who are part time in Spain have saved 50% of the cost of a UK BUPA or AXA policy with a Mundisalud Insurance. Never permit a UK Insurer to transfer cover here if you have no pre-existing as these schemes cost more than setting up directly with the same company in Spain. 


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The Dentisalud Dental Policy for Spain is very affordable. There are 2 levels the Classic Policy & the Elite Policy option. This insurance will cost:

PRICE: 77,03€ Per Annum Classic

(yes 12 month cover)

PRICE: 110,52€ Per Annum Elite

(12 months cover incl kids under 14)

If you have children under 14 years of age then add them on your insurance for FREE

With this Dental Policy it does not matter what condition your teeth are in. We can set up a policy within 12 hours and you can attend the Dentist the next day. With this Insurance there are 48 treatments included such as checkup, xrays, fillings, extractions, pulp capping, fluoridation, clean & polish,crown & bridge extractions. For complex treatment there is massive discounts. Titanium implants normally 900€ each under the Elite cost 500€. Should your child need Retainers/Braces this can cost upto 4000€ over 3 years with the Elite Policy pay less than 2000€.

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or 110,52 P.A